Our services are aimed to develop and distribute your brands
and products into the Benelux

Field sales marketing services​

Develop your brand in a new market

Field sales marketing services Circle Branding

Developping your new brand in a new market requires the right contacts and sales support to ensure your brand and products are made available at the targeted retail channels. Circle branding can support your market expansion via:

  • Brand launch into the Benelux market
  • Retail support via Key account management
  • Set up a dedicated sales force
  • Trade Marketing support via Spaceman, merchandising and POSM implementation
  • Webshop development and implementation support

Brand & product development services​

A local partner with a team with years of experience

Introducing a brand is complex and requires deep local knowledge. Legislation varies per market but also translations could mean something totally different than it should mean. A local partner with a team with years of FMCG experience in brand building and brand introductions can support you to have a successful introduction.

We can support your brand introduction and long term maintenance via:  

  • Executing a market feasibility study
  • Full Introduction support including brand & packaging adaptation support
  • Driving awareness via i) B2B Awareness mailing, ii) SEO, iii) SEA and iv) influencers Support
  • Local POSM development and adaptation
  • Data support
  • Brand management
  • Labelling requirement assessment


Shipping and storage of your products from your factory into the distribution centre

Transport services MDI logistics

Shipping and storage of your products from your factory into the distribution centre in the Benelux is a exercise that needs to be set up correctly. This because custom delays or worse, damaged goods is unwanted and will result in delays of getting goods to your end consumers.

Due to our strong partnership with our logistical partners we can offer this directly to you and take the uncertainty out of your hands so you can focus on building your brands and products.

Examples of logistical support we can offer are:

  • Storage & transport support
  • Repacking & restacking
  • Regional or European Hub support
  • Inventory management
  • Order fulfillment and delivery both B2B and B2C
  • Return management

Distribution services ​

Optimally fill in your required distribution needs

Getting your products to the consumers requires the right distribution of your products. Either via on-, and off-line retailers or directly via e-commerce. Via our logistical partnerships and our in-house fulfilment services we can optimally fill in your required distribution needs. Be it a classic retail distribution model to a full service e-commerce fulfilment.

Examples of distribution services we can do for you:

  • Retail distribution
  • B2C distribution
  • Fullfiment & E-commerce support
  • Web shop design & implementation support
  • Sampling support
  • POSM roll out
  • Display development, implementation and filling
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